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Maxtor on November 30, 2005, 08:45:48 AM
Lineage II Exploits [English] Rules

Î’efore you start posting in this section of the forum, please consider reading the following rules.

- In this section you can post any kind of exploits, regarding Lineage II.

- This is not the proper section to ask for general help or support, concerning Lineage II Exploits. If you want help or support for anything, use this  www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?board=39.0place.

- In this board you can use only the English Language. If you want to speak greek, for any reason, then use this  www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?board=56.0board.

- At the topic's title you will have to use the proper prefixes:

[Exploit], if you want to share an exploit, which doesn't include tools (e.g. Safe Enchant, Stuck Buffs).
[Tool], if you want to share a 3rd-person tool for Lineage II (e.g. L2 phx, la2brute, la2 fun).
[Guide], if you want to make a guide on how to use a tool or an exploit. (e.g. How to use L2 phx).
[Share], if you want to share useful tips or tricks (e.g. How to enter in Giran's castle).
[Other], if your topic is not about anything mentioned above, but has to do with Lineage II Exploits.


When you explore a cheat, an exploit, a bug, a glitch or anything else and you want to make a video guide or a video explanation, then do not upload the video on YouTube www.youtube.com.

YouTube is world-widely known as a site, where videos can be uploaded, found and discussed. Many of you have been uploading your cheats on YouTube; consequently, everyone can see them without a problem. So, let's keep our shares in private on MaxCheaters, using other reliable sources of information, which only members will know about.

Good examples of where you can upload your videos:

Rapidshare.com rapidshare.com
4Shared.com www.4shared.com/
Hotfile.com www.hotfile.com/
Depositfiles.com depositfiles.com/ru/
Megaupload.com www.megaupload.com/
Mediafire.com www.mediafire.com/

In addition, when you put your video into the .rar or .zip, do not forget to put a password, which will be given only to MxC members.

Follow these simple rules and everything will be fine and organised.

With appreciation,
MaxCheaters® Staff.

Furiosus on November 27, 2010, 05:42:21 AM
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